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MINH DUC CO incense 

     GP. Business NUMBER: 03 12 08 65 17 

     Address: 26 / 13A, East Village, Thoi Tam Thon Commune, Hoc Mon district, Ho-HCM, Vietnam 

     Phone: 08 6250 16 17-08 6250 16 29 - Mobile: 0918328188 

     Fax: 6250 08 16 08 

     Website: caynhangthieng.com 

     Email: caynhangthieng@gmail.com 

     Finance hoarse: 05 01 00 00 47 880 (Holder: Pham Duc Minh City) for good fortune Vietcombank HCM City branch 

                 160 457 459 (Holder: Incense Minh Duc Company limited) Asia Commercial Bank ACB 

                  Nguyen Anh Thu transaction. City 


    Incense Minh Duc Co. was formed from a base of incense Minh Duc transferred to a limited liability company members Incense Minh Duc. Through this production company moved into Duc.Cong Co. Ltd. Incense Incense Ming Ming German we specialize in producing clean incense and materials for clean incense industry. specializing in deep processing mill workshop 

Criteria of our company is to create the latest products, and the best qualified to serve our customers. Especially the "Sacred Incense Tree" is manufactured according to ISO 9001: 2008 and are recognized as "high quality". Certificate No.: ICA. 05-0240 issued on 01.25.2013. During production of incense and incense materials of our company under the supervision and support of ICA help Certijication very good cooperation of the company, the products we are incense Minh Duc customers and consumers trust, to date our company still maintained and improved to better production but also cooperate under the supervision of the ICA again that the fact that the supervision of your customers and consumers 


                 SACRED incense 

First words, on behalf of Incense Co., Ltd Minh Duc, I would like to send our customers wishes for health, happiness, success and most friendly greetings. 

Today I have a few words with you to learn about your nhang.Thua trees, there are times when I wonder why when worshiping or praying something I have offered incense and incense what purpose, to help what to do, the question I posed long ago but have not found the answer this opportunity my company is producing with incense (incense Sacred Tree brand) so I think investors and is allowed to answer (If you have what do you expect errors ignored and suggestions help me to post more complete) 

      According to the customs of Vietnam, incense indispensable to express reverence for ancestors, grandparents, incense is showing traditional cultural beauty of our nation for many generations. Incense is particularly emotional support for everyone, every home, a bridge things together towards a mysterious spiritual world in the best light. During the holidays, full moon, or the Lunar New Year, the day that you normally reunion, gather together and lit some incense altar to clear homage to their ancestors as well as the time (stop) for people to look back over the road and the remaining distance to shopping exchange what they have done wrong, do the right thing and always pray grace over erase mistakes while applying the state gave the best things in life remainder of his life. It seems that incense has become a tradition ingrained in the minds of the Vietnamese 

     Ladies and gentlemen, if you buy incense offering ancestor worship or pray something before the sun Buddhist gods that you do not know about its features then you accidentally buy incense burning their no meaningful way round and also more (vague). This helps you better understand the incense I would like to present the following three: 

- One is: you should select the type of incense. 

- Second: consider incense. 

- Thirdly, the calculated and chosen wisely. 

To answer the first: I recommend you take a deeper understanding of the incense stick, if you do not understand because we should not incense incense in the box (incense sticks), incense is lit (holy incense) means that lit incense incense blend into the air exchange created around us an atmosphere with the smell of incense else, if we burn incense, clean air, the environment around us will clean fragrant antibacterial treatment provide a good environment for us and everyone, whereas if we do not clean burning incense is incense that contains many toxic chemicals when burned incense diffuser into the surrounding air, we inhale will cause feeling: hard-dimensional, eye irritation, headache, shortness of breath ... (which I presented in post) I advise you to choose a type of incense incense made ​​from pure natural herbal incense trees smell his suit and community. absolutely not use color and smell incense cones contain toxic chemicals on the market .Currently hundreds of incense sticks, incense scent contains hundreds of toxic chemicals or float, so you choose the type of incense to buy he offered her a plaque detail, I recommend you select the type of incense reputable company, quality has a clear origin, produced and managed according to standard procedures, a commitment to product quality, which is responsible for the customer and the consumer, reasonable price, do not use homemade incense cones brutal book with phosphoric acid (H3PO4) and incense cones colorings, flavorings containing chemical hazardous substances (sold with cheap price) really tell this when I apologize (you colleagues) because my article overkill but for public health as well as spiritual world would you bisexual skip 

- Y2: incense should choose slender, round, regular, straight, not bent or cracked NE flammable, less smoke, better use of air-conditioned room, not off midway incense, soothing aroma to shine, inducing feeling comfortable, friendly environment. 

- Y3: You always want to buy the spiritual direction of a very fragrant bouquet of incense, it's good to burn rises grandparents, but they have less money in your pocket so you can buy incense trees are not good? Also you is simple. Rather than buy a lot of things to offer: we should save a little bit of everything so we have enough money to buy a bunch of incense, clean it, because it's the pure incense incense box and a 200 turn but only 36,000 trees we can use all month. You (note) understand low incense grandparents are also more important when things are also grandparents, do not think just incense incense sticks, incense no longer wreak kind (...) You are very precious Thanks are also important in want turtleneck full plate but you do not clean burning incense offerings contain many harmful chemicals, I recommend you buy more (lots of eye goggles and masks against toxic) gas rising grandparents before, then we offer full rim turtleneck, if you have not done this, I believe that his great-grandmother is not enough to let them look into your heart. If a deeper understanding on the issue of torture you accidentally grandparents do not offer sincerity. Well my post here too long I hope you read through a better understanding of incense, see the following article. 

                     Thanks and best regards 

                      We look forward to receiving comments and your cooperation 

                                                                                                         who wrote: Pham Duc Minh 


Following are products of our company are manufactured according to ISO 9001-2008 (2013) include: 

- Sacred Incense Tree, (My- Quang Nam Tra Que) this is the typical product of my home company products reddish brown, clouds of incense can treat cardiovascular disease, respiratory illnesses. (learn about the effects of cinnamon) 

- The Sacred Tree Incense (Frankincense Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa). This is a special product of our company, reflecting the ancient and aristocratic luxury. (learn about wind plant sediments) 

- Sacred Incense Tree, (Quang Ninh article) This product has a very pleasant aroma, ingredients are roots of a cedar post, use the fact that in both winter and warm summer. (Learn on a cedar post) 

- Sacred Incense Tree, (Marine Tung Da Lat) want their homes more reassured you should burn incense spare. (Learn about the yew tree) 

- Water spray room (Que Agarwood): This room spray water extracts of 100% natural herbs, no chemical use, pleasant fragrance, disinfectant, antiseptic, especially mosquitoes and other insects in your room. 

- In addition, our company also study the natural herbs to produce the odor and flavor tastes best to serve our customers in the food. / ... 

- Production and supply of cinnamon powder, deep powder, oil compared draw downs, downs drive oil draw, draw downs of oil debris, (the original price) and materials for clean incense industry (see quote).

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